The Golden Compass

GC Started reading this months ago and put it down after a chapter or two. Having taken this long hiatus from reading it, I didnt actually want to pick it up again. After finishing HP7, however, there was no reason to keep it ignoring it. I must say, I’ve been relatively pleased with the book. I’m hurrying to finish it as I’m almost to the end now, so that I can start book 2. The trilogy, His Dark Materials, is now in my possession having been borrowed from my school library. Yes! I only bought book 1, the others I will simply borrow to read. *gasp* Strange for a book collector like myself. Only thing is, I hope I dont like it too much. It seems the books I borrow – New Spring (WoT), and Artemis Fowl Series – are the ones I end up liking the most. 😦Aerodon

There’s a movie coming out for the first book on 12/7. I cant wait to see it on screen. Looks like they’ve done a great job. And on the site, you can test for your very own dæmon! 😀 I’ve taken the test twice, and the results didnt come exactly as I’d planned. [They said I’m SHY… o___O WTH?] But, still I’m satisfied with my dæmon. I got the Tiger twice, but the second one is the one I’ve kept. His name is Ærodon. Isnt that pretty?


Full Pakke!

It took me long enough to get this up here! This is currently my favorite Norwegian commercial, and my favorite commercial overall. It’s hilarious, I’m addicted, and it runs thru my head all day. Occasionally, I open my mouth to hear myself say “Shamanamading!” for absolutely no reason. posticon

Watch the actual commercial here and learn to sing it in Norwegian:

And then learn the dance steps here:

I am Woman; Hear me ROAR!

What I would imagine Eve would say to the serpent if he tried to tempt her today:

Your mystical powers have no effect on me!
You may mesmerize men with your evil beauty.
But I am a WOMAN. You hold no mystery for me!

~Cheetarah in The Doom-Gaze (Thundercats, Season 1, Vol. 1)

“And I will put enmity
between you [satan] and the woman [Eve],
and between your offspring and hers [Jesus];
he [Jesus] will crush your [satan] head,
and you [satan] will strike his [Jesus] heel.”
~Gen 3:15 (TNIV)

Firefly/Serenity & a Random Rambling about Books I’m Reading

FireflySo, I’ve been watching the DVD series of Firefly, which is a pretty good show, as far as space cowboys go, and I am doing my best not to get hopelessly hooked – esp since the series is SO SHORT! posticon


One of the things that really makes this show stand out is the Chinese they use! When I first saw Serenity, I was confused, but after reading up on it, I found that the world Joss Whedon created had the U.S. and China as the universe’s last two super-powers. Everyone in that future speaks English and Mandarin. (Sounds like a great future to me!)

In addition, they use a slew of colorful Chinese swear words I’ve never even heard of! Too bad their accents are so crappy. But, they try. For a full list (by episode) of the Chinese – not all swears – used, check here. My favorite was probably – not a swear – a phrase on Jayne’s T that said, 戰鬥的小精靈 “fighting elves.” posticon I dont think I’ve ever learned how to say ‘elves’ in Chinese, so I’ve just learned a very useful vocab word! Those who went to college with me will recall me constantly crying out for the assistance of elves. Now I know better – I should’ve cried out in Chinese!

Lost Colony

And speaking of elves, or fairies/goblins/trolls, is anyone reading the Artemis Fowl series?? I’m half-way thru the latest – #5 The Lost Colony – and it’s quite good. I love Arty! He reminds me of another mischievous 15-yr-old boy that I ❤ dearly. >ahem!<

HP7HP7 has been pre-ordered as well! (No surprise there.) I hope it’s 5000 pages long!


When does WoT #12 come out??? A Memory of Light I think it’s going to be called. I swear, I hate all of RJ’s loose ends ever since #6 – tLoC, but what can one do? There’s no WAY he’s going to be able to wrap it all up in the final novel. It better be 5000 pages long, too, tho! I want to see Egwene kick Elaida’s 屁股! Actually, it’d be a lot more fun if Siuan and Leane do it for her. We’ll see. Payback is gonna hurt big time!


And btw – 52 is almost done! (I’m so way behind, tho!) I will finish the set Hosive lent me last time and return them to him in 2 wks, so that I can get the latest ones. The graphic novel comes out in May. If Hosive gets it, I may get his whole 52 collection! Mwah-hahahahahha!

And did I mention I have the flu, I have HW to do for grad classes and I have parent/teacher conferences all day and nite tomoro? Aiya… Thank goodness for Korean soap operas! (A topic yet to come!)