My Awesome Daily Planner

I stayed up all of last night creating my own personal daily planner. 

Yup. I’m officially insane. I think I’ve slept all of 4 hrs a day each day for the last three wks I’ve been home with a newborn. Those 4 hours are NOT consecutive, by the way. 😛

I just had to! I spent so much time online trying to find one to buy or more to download, but nothing seemed to fit ME! I wanted a daily to-do list with some built-in items, like my Morning and Night Routines, so that I wouldnt have to write the same things down each day.

Enter My Awesome Daily Planner:

Download the actual editable WORD file here: MADPlanner


  1. Black and white instead of color so that you can make multiple copies without wasting too much ink.
  2. Date on top and checkable day of the week.
  3. Proverbs 3:5-6 to remind you who’s REALLY in charge of your day.
  4. Two columns for Morning and Night Routines.
  5. Another verse I’m personally meditating on (Phil 4:6-7) so that I wont be anxious about getting everything done.
  6. To-Do List
  7. ONE Project for the day. (Anything more is unrealistic.)
  8. Miscellaneous Notes.
  9. Half the size of notebook paper so that it’s portable and easier to handle.

This daily planner makes me happy. If you want to use the template and create your own from it, just download it using the link under the image. And be sure to comment and let me know if you have and how it’s working out for you! 

Reminder that the GIVEAWAY for the Mom’s Family Desk Planner is still on! You need to comment on that entry if you want to try to win it.


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