Mom’s Family 2012 Desk Planner Review

I mentioned in my last post that I had purchased Mom’s Family 2012 Desk Planner.

And I had said that I wanted to really love it so that I could avoid having to make my own planner. Well, it came today and I’ve reviewed it, and I have to say….

I dont love it. 😦 

So sad. But, I really dont. I’m not saying it isnt cute, or even useful. It totally is! It’s just not what I wanted. Maybe I’m too picky? Here are some sample pages:

1. Generic calendar stickers

2. Calendar pages

3. List pages

4. Task List

It also has pockets in the inside covers and it’s a nice purse-sized planner so you can take it with you. My thing is that I really had hoped to have the calendar pages and task lists fused together. Not to mention that the Task List is really generic. I’ve been using Simple Mom’s Pocket Docket temporarily until this planner came. It’s much more specific. I like it better. I just didnt want to have to print multiple copies of it all yr! T__T I may go shopping for a new planner, or just create my own. (Yes, I love creating more work for myself! :P)

Anyway, I dont think I’ll be using this planner, but I know that there is someone out there who can use it and cherish it just as it is! so I’m willing to GIVE IT AWAY! Anyone who comments between now and Friday, the 13th will be randomly selected to become the new owner of this Mom Planner!

Leave a comment to enter this giveaway! 😀


2 comments on “Mom’s Family 2012 Desk Planner Review

  1. haha i don’t usually comment on people’s blog but i have to comment this time!!!
    not that I would need this mommy planner either, but yay!!! i’m the first one to comment! =D

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