Pregnancy Meme #2

Pregnancy 2011 – “Baby Ruth”

Baby #: 2
Gender: Girl
How far along at birth? 40 weeks / 6 days
Total weight gain? 24 lbs
Maternity clothes? Motherhood Maternity / A Pea in the Pod
Stretch marks? Same as last time
Sleep: Lots of heartburn (started earlier this time), and very painful soreness in the left hip and lower back / There’s a bone that keeps cracking in my left hip whenever I turn from my right side. Because of sleeping with Jelly Bean, I’m often on my right side. When I try to get up, I have to step gingerly for a few moments because my left side is so sore.
Best moments: Singing praise songs with Jelly Bean and knowing Baby Ruth is listening to me and her jie-jie!
First Movement: 14 wks
Food cravings: Anti-craving – no Chinese food for dinner!
Sickness: Afternoon/night for the first trimester only, yay!
Labor signs: At 38wks 3 days, the doc says I’m 50% effaced. The night before I’d had tremendous pressure down below where the baby’s head is. So much that it was hard to stand or walk. He says that’s because the baby has descended to the point where he feels her head through the uterus!
Belly button in or out? In, but more out than last time, I think.
Wedding rings on or off? On, even though I had taken them off during summer as a precaution.
Mood swings? None, but my husband says he gets some! 😛
Preparation: Decluttering the house and setting up for Christmas. We have our first tree! 🙂
Baby Shower: None. (My mom had planned on one, but it was getting close to the due date and I told her not to. Besides, we dont need anything, and people still insist on buying tons of baby clothes! >_<)
Delivery method: VBAC! 😀
Delivery Doctor: 
Dr. Richard Rindfuss
Breast or Bottle?
Both for now. She was born a bit jaundiced, so we were told to supplement with bottle until my milk fully comes in. However, she’s having digestive issues even with the Soy milk we put her on in the hospital. We switched her to Alimentum. I’m hoping to get the hang of this breastfeeding thing soon, (problems latching on), so that she can be off the bottle completely in a few days.
Baby stats: Born 12/22/11  / Wt: 9lbs, 2oz!  / Length: 20.75in.


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