Holiday Decluttering

I’m so proud of all the work I was able to accomplish today. I had no idea I could do so much if I just focused on one Zone at a time. (Thanks again, FlyLady!) My zones were basically a bin here, a corner there – more like working on little hotspots rather than full rooms. But, the difference is truly noticeable! In addition, I was able to sit down and wrap mostly all the gifts that we’ve received so far from the orders I put in on Black Friday and CyberMonday. It’s so nice to see them sitting in my baskets with labels and stickers. The wrapping paper came free, too. My husband gets them every year from some spinal cord charity he gave to many yrs ago. So, didnt even spend the money or time to buy wrapping paper – they came to us!

Tomorrow we’re on our way to BJs to pick up some food and drinks, but my goal is to find a tree. This will be our 2nd Christmas as a married couple and now with our 2nd daughter coming, we’ve yet to have a tree in the house. Appalling for me actually, but my husband isnt used to celebrating it at home so he doesnt sense the absence. Last yr, having just given birth barely 3mths prior to Christmas, I bought some cheap tinsel and cardboard decorations and decorated some wall space in our living room. I put up the Christmas cards we received and the 2 we had made with our daughter’s pix. This yr, I vow to have a tree, lights and some better decorations, if I can help it. I think my husband thinks it’s all a hassle – more trash, more work and more clutter. I think it’s sad he hasnt grown up with the excitement of decorating and preparing for Christmas. Somehow I have to change his perspective. It’s harder this yr since I’m pregnant and about to give birth, so it may be a bit more trouble since I cant move around freely. But, for me it’s worth it. And even more so for our Jelly Bean, who’s 1 now and can fully appreciate the magic of seeing the lights blinking on the tree. I cant wait to see her face when we put it up.

Hence the decluttering. We are trying to cram in enough ‘stuff’ from 2 adults and 2 babies into 3 rooms of his parents’ 2nd floor. Not easy. But, I’m determined to make this work. I’ve enlisted help from Ms Eva on Wednesday. She will come over and help me put up decorations, so I need to have them by then. And if she’s going to help me put up the tree, then we need to have this living room ready. We need to find a space. There are other things I need to make space for, but one thing at a time, eh?

I’m hoping also to go to Staples and get some Command hooks so that I can put up a lot of the framed photos that my husband and I have been given over the yrs. I really want to make this space – as cramped as it can feel – as homey as possible until the Lord gives us our own place. I think it’ll also help my husband feel calmer, more peaceful when he gets home. At least, I certainly hope so. He needs peace. *crosses fingers*


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