Advent Season

Thus begins the countdown: the countdown to Christmas, but even sooner, the countdown to giving birth to Baby #2, “Baby Ruth.” Should happen in two wks, give or take a few days. I’m excited, but hubby is stressed. 😦 Need to ask God for wisdom on how to encourage him and help him enjoy the season.

I downloaded two resources for my little ones to experience Advent starting next yr: Truth in the Tinsel and the Jesse Tree. Cant wait til they’re old enough to be engaged in the crafting! Actually, I cant wait til my Jelly Bean turns two next year so that I can start officially homeschooling her! I’m so excited about this. Seriously. I cant describe it. 😀

I’ve also been decluttering. (Thank you, FLYLady.) And all of my Christmas shopping is DONE. I have my Home Management Binder along with a section for gift-giving now. I used that binder to store Harry & David and World Vision Gift Catalogs, as well as my list of gifts from Christmas 2010 and a running list of gift ideas for this yr. Took advantage of both Black Friday online deals and CyberMonday sales. It was truly a life-saver! The only person left to shop for is my husband. He’s tough to get for. Esp since I got him an iPod nano last yr and filled it with an audio TNIV Bible and almost all of the sermons he’d had on cd. (That took HOURS!) He got me a NookColor. Too crazy and extravagant for our budget this yr. We’re trying to be more frugal. I did get him a little something already, but it’s not enough. He really needs something “more” and I’m not sure what I have in mind fits into our budget. I also dont have other ideas… Sigh. Again – wisdom needed here.

In the midst of all this, I need to keep focused. For the last two yrs, I’ve been running on a very shallow prayer and Bible-reading life. That’s in spite of pastoring, which is not good. Need to get myself back on track (read: SANE). Advent is the beginning of the church calendar season, so it’s a great time to start. And tomorrow is Dec 1, so a nice fresh calendar beginning as well. Now to stay consistent…


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