Control Journal

I dont think I like that name very much. But that’s what the FlyLady calls it. Aby Garvey of Simplify 101 calls it a Command Central Binder. I like that better. But it’s very militant. I may have to pick my own name for it. As I actually put it together the name itself may miraculously come to me. It’ll probably be something really simple and straightforward like, “Mommy’s Head… Detached.” 😛

What I need to do is brainstorm what divisions I want in this binder. I want it to be a small one, too. A half-sized binder (5x8in) is easier to handle and transport than the standard 8.5×11 binder one usually uses. I can see why the standard one is used when most paper is in that size. However, if I want to be able to carry it around at times, I’d rather it be smaller. We’ll see. If I buy the smaller one I need to get all new half-sized supplies. Whereas, with the standard size, I’ve already got most of what I need on hand. And do I really need to spend the extra money?

So what categories would I put in my binder? I’m thinking something like this:

  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly Routines
    • Calendar?
  • Menu Planning
    • Weekly Recipes + Shopping List
    • Coupons
  • Cleaning Detail & Chores
  • Task List (Daily/Weekly/Monthly To-Do’s)
  • Annual Gift Lists
  • Emergency Contacts
    • Business Cards from doctors, banks, etc.
That sounds like a good start and I do believe that the FlyLady helps in these areas step by step. Most of them, anyway. Aby Garvey’s .pdf helps you with some other categories. In the end, aside from these, I may have to just see what kind of clutter I’m accumulating and create other categories. I’m pretty sure I’ll need one slot for “Bills that Need Paying.” I noticed I left a bill sitting for so long I received 4 notices on it before I sent it to my insurance! =O That is NOT GOOD. I may also need a divider for take-out places. But I want to try to avoid that if possible because I need to start cooking – for REAL! >_< On that same vein, I probably need to do some seasonal planning for my menus. I always bake for Thanksgiving, and it would be great to have the familiar recipes on hand where I can find them instead of having to reprint them every yr. 😛 In that section, I can also put any planning for special events, such as my kids’ parties or some potluck coming up. Hm… good idea! 😀
It’s good to think about these things. I feel more peaceful already just knowing I’m on the right track to becoming a better manager of my home. Less clutter means peace of mind for mommy, daddy and the girls! Note to self – declutter the girls’ nursery! -__-

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