Organizing My Life

As I’m going through the FlyLady’s Beginner Baby Steps, I am finally de-stressing about how distressed I usually am when it comes to everything I am responsible for. Granted, her baby steps only pertain to the home (so far – I havent read them all yet), but that’s usually what gets neglected since I’ve made everything else outside the home a priority. I truly hate the pressure that society puts on women to be a perfect wife and mom at the same time as being a perfect career woman, but the reality is that perfect or not, the dishes still need to get done. 😛

In an effort to finally make my home a priority, I am trying to make these small changes and I believe that they will have a huge impact in how I manage my time. What I love about the FlyLady is that she really understands how precious a woman’s time is. So, she doesnt ask us to spend inordinate amounts of time on any one task. 2 mins here; 15 mins there and you can move on to other things. If I am really honest, I can do ANYTHING for small increments of time. It’s the idea that doing a task will take hours of my time that makes me procrastinate. My husband always tells me I should make my To-Do list include the smaller bite-sized tasks that lead up to the completion of the larger task. Otherwise I end up not checking off anything and feeling disappointed in myself. (Where did my husband learn all this stuff??)

One thing I’m starting to do with the FlyLady is building a Control Journal (as she calls it) or a Home Management Binder (or Journal, or Notebook, as others call it). Here are some very nicely designed free downloads for every mom’s home journal:



The Project Girl

Kamley Lane

Instead of jumping into using a binder, though, I’m starting with an unused notebook. I’m the queen of binders – I have them for my Sermon Notes, BSF Studies, Biblical Equality articles, Lesson Plans for certain yrs of teaching (including this one), and other things. I have a few empty ones lying around that I could use, but I’d rather save the whole project of making a nice binder for later when I’m sure I’ll actually USE it. For now I’ll just make notes in my notebook as I follow the FlyLady’s baby steps and see how that goes.

The last thing I want to mention is that I was thinking about how much I’d love to accomplish in a day (100+ tasks), and how much I actually get done (0 tasks). Well, maybe that’s too harsh, but it feels that way. So, having been inspired once again by the FlyLady, I am going to set a few goals for each day that I can accomplish in just 10 mins. In 10 mins a day, I can do a little bit of everything – decluttering, cleaning, Bible Study, praying, reading, downtime, etc. without feeling overwhelmed. The Bible Study and praying are really huge necessities that have not been accomplished in a LONG while. (Bad pastor! >_<) It’s partly the exhaustion of all the tasks I need to accomplish outside the home wearing me out, as well as my pregnancy, as well as running after a 1-yr-old; but mostly it’s the feeling that I need to do any one thing for hours on end. It’s all in my head. I need to set a timer (FlyLady again), and just set it for 10mins so I can accomplish ONE thing. Yes, this should keep my faux multi-tasking (read: ADD) brain from jumping to different things each minute so that in the end nothing is accomplished. I should stamp my forehead with a sign that reads “未完成!” -__-

I should really be in bed now, but for 10 mins starting tonite, I will read my Bible and do some of my BSF study on Isaiah. (Yes, they’ve started the new yr doing Acts & the Epistles already, but I’ve done that study so I’m going through last yr’s study on Isaiah at my own pace.) I’ve already got my Bible and clipboard with the study questions right next to me. 🙂

This blogging thing really helps. I may do it more often!


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