First Day of School 2011

Cant believe school starts tomorrow. There was so much to get done in the classroom. The sub that had taken over the last 3 months basically left the class TRASHED! >_< So I had to clean up last yr’s mess and then get prepared for this yr. Thank goodness for a great sister and a wonderful friend who came to help. At 6mths pregnant, it was exhausting enough for me to run up and down the school to this meeting and that; to this office and that; to move my stuff from the first floor office to the 2nd floor classroom. The others helped move furniture and clear bulletin boards. I was so sore from the waist down last night, I had to lay on the couch while I tried to play with my Jelly Bean! -__-

Now my classroom looks great. There’s still stuff to be set up, but that’s ok. The bulk of the foot work is done. And the board looks great with my assignments written, the class program posted, and the other goodies displayed. I’ll take a picture tomorrow morning before it’s all ruined. šŸ˜›

Right now I’m posting the first marking period’s worth of HW assignments on our new web-based gradebook. It will make things so much simpler. I really like it. And since I’m plugging in the HW assignments now, it will keep me on schedule. Love it!

Ok, wish me luck tomorrow. Hopefully everything will go smoothly, so that by the time I head over to IGNITE!, I’ll be ready to joyfully lead worship. šŸ˜€


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