Labor Day

Tomorrow’ the first day back at work and it’s supposed to rain. I see the weather is as excited as I am. 😛

So, I had 3 things on the list scheduled for yesterday and managed to get ONE done, :P. I’m ok with it. I still have another day to work on the Reading Response. The laminations I can get done either tomorrow or Wednesday while at school. What I did manage to do was get a much-needed 2.5 hr nap. This is RARE! And only because my in-laws took Jelly Bean out for the afternoon so my husband and I could get work done.

Right now I need to jump in the shower and then feed the baby so she and I can BOTH get some sleep before I’m up at 6am to get ready for work. This is the true test of my discipline. Can I get ready in 15mins so I can eat some breakfast before leaving? I’m hoping! Starting the first day with a new routine is the best way so I can make it a habit. I’m learning a lot more about habits and routines since I signed up for FlyLady.

More on my routines and FlyLady later. Must get in the shower now.

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