Helpful Blogging

I’m going to try to be more faithful to maintaining this blog as I’m finding it very helpful in gathering my scattered thoughts and helping me to organize my day’s tasks.

Today I preached the sermon I spoke about yesterday. Thank goodness it went well. My DH will step in to preach for me in October, which means I’ve only got one day in November to preach before I’m done. In between, I’m leading the cell group Bible Studies, but those are very low stress for me.

It’s very late, but we came home late from visiting with my daughter’s Kai-ma and Kai-ye in NJ. I wanted to laminate the poems I’m posting in the classroom this yr, but I’ll work on it tomorrow. I also have a Reading Response template that I’m designing for my classes and I hope to be done with it tomorrow. I think I’m pretty much as set as I can be for the first wk of school. I feel the anxiety moving away from my heart and it’s a very good feeling! 😀

I need to work on the project proposal, but I’m not stressing it. I want it to be excellent, which means I cant rush it. I will give myself the deadline of finishing by the end of the month before work gets too chaotic and my pregnancy is too advanced. Then I will pass it to my lawyer friend to look over.

So tomorrow’s (really today’s) tasks are:

  1. Laminate poems
  2. Finish Reading Response template
  3. REST & do something fun before work starts on Tuesday!  (After all, it IS Labor Day!)

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