Hm, maybe I shouldnt neglect this blog so much! 😛 Since I wrote the last post, I’ve been much more productive. Writing out my distracted thoughts really helps me to focus.

Today, my husband was scheduled to do workshops at a conference. That meant I would be helping him all day and not be at home where I could work on my sermon prep for tomorrow. I figured – as crazy and impossible as it sounds – that I would try to work on my sermon WHILE I was helping him do powerpoint with his workshop. Powerpoint is fine when it’s slide by slide, but my husband’s .ppt was LINE BY LINE. So, I did really need to pay attention. Not to mention that I like to try to throw in something helpful now and again.

Well, to my astonishment, I got half the sermon done during his morning session and the other half done in his afternoon session, all the while working the .ppt and listening to the conversation! =O I know that this is all due to God’s grace in my life. Seriously. When 2011 began, I was a new mom with a 3-mth old baby and much sleep-deprivation under my belt. I was also taking a seminary course. (Ended up dropping it after 5 wks because I was spending every minute not with the baby trying to do tons of reading and HW. T__T) I knew that I had no strength and very limited ability to function, much less write a coherent message for my tiny flock on Sunday! I prayed a very simple, yet desperate prayer to the Holy Spirit and asked Him/Her to take over and just give me the words to say. I have to give credit where it’s due and say that the Spirit has come through EVERY SINGLE TIME! This whole yr has been focused on a study of the Holy Spirit – first through Spiritual Gifts and now through a systematic study of the book of Acts. I really dont know how I made it this far, except to say it was all God! My wonderful husband also steps in to preach in my place when I get too busy to deal. He came in to preach 4 times when I had to return to work in March so that I could focus on readjusting to my early work schedule and all the lesson preparation that needed to get done. And now that I’m returning to work on Tuesday, I’ve scheduled in only one preaching session this month (tomorrow) and then my husband will come in October to preach for me. I’ll take over again in November and then I’m on Maternity Leave! (I’m still leading cell group Bible Study in between preaching, but at least that’s ‘easier’ for me than prepping a sermon.) God is good.

Right now, I’ve still got the project proposal to work on, but I’ve had to put it on hold to get ready for the new school yr – particularly since I’m teaching a subject I’ve never taught – 8th grade ELA. The Chinese program is cut, so I’m subbing in for another teacher who’s on maternity leave until she returns at the end of Nov. Amazingly, I think I’ve been less stressed and more prepared to teach this class than I have been about teaching my own Chinese classes! =O I also have less classes, (3, as opposed to the 7, 8 or 9 I usually get with Chinese), and I can use English all the time without any guilt! 😛

I’m almost done with the logistics and paperwork that need planning before going in to see what my schedule is like on Tuesday. I’ve got a spiffy new binder to hold all my daily lesson plans and transparencies, my calendar and student contact info, etc. In the past I’d put the papers together and get them bound like a portfolio at Staples, but this yr I felt I should use a binder again, (it’s been ages), so that I can add or re-arrange my work as necessary. Plus, I love binders and printing out cute/funny graphics to go with the different sections. 😛

It’s late and I need to sleep, but I feel good about this. Fittingly, part of my sermon tomorrow is on priorities, and my husband’s workshop today was addressing the issues of stress and worry. Somehow this blog is becoming therapeutic for me instead of a guilty chore. I can feel my worry and stress melting away as I write this post. And my priorities are more in order than ever! Thank you, Lord! 😀


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