Frenzy, Chaos and Madness

Sigh. This always happens. It’s the weekend before the start of the new school yr and here I am again… again.

I want to get things organized so I can hit the ground running on the first day. Unfortunately, several things keep me backed up:

  • The fact that the school wouldnt let me in to clean the room before Tuesday! >_<
  • The inability to complete one task before starting another.
  • The fatigue of being 6mths pregnant and having an 11-mth old to care for.
  • The need to prep sermons and Bible Studies each wk for church.
  • Planning for and leading worship at IGNITE! for the month of Sept.
  • The urgency to finish the proposal I’m working on for a huge project.
  • The incessant emails to respond to.
  • The desire to free my mind of ‘work’ by reading other blogs, magazines and books that have been long-neglected.
  • Does housework even make this list?
So here I am, trying to work on 3 things at once:
  1. the project proposal (should’ve been done yesterday)
  2. my sermon for Sunday (needs to be done by tonight since DH & I are going to a conference tomorrow)
  3. my final preparations for the school yr (at least what can be done now)
  4. this blog entry.
Wait, that’s four things. Just by needing a break and seeing this oft-neglected blog, I added a task to my list by writing this entry. There’ll be no sense of accomplishment once I’m done. I have to go back to the first 3 items, which are supposed to be my priority and just GET THEM DONE!
I realize how much I need to get into a better routine. And this permeates everything. I need to prioritize my tasks and then figure out the best way to complete them. Does it have to be this difficult? o_O Ironically – or perhaps, fittingly – my message on Sunday is to be partially on Priorities. Yes, God does have a sense of humor. Maybe I should simply talk about this – my inability to order my life because I cant prioritize! -__-
I read so many creative blogs from other moms who do crafts and are super-organized, they look lovely and make meals from scratch. It’s not as nauseating to me as I thought it would be. It’s attractive. I want to have a nice home, I want to eat meals I cook from scratch (or near to), and I want to raise crafty kids. Not that this should be my standard for mommy-hood. It’s just always in my face. I feel like I’m not good at anything ‘domestic’ sometimes. I cant cook. I neglect to clean, not because I’m a slob, but because my other work distracts me to the point I dont realize I need to clean! T__T And I am definitely tired.
  • Physically – going on almost a yr of sleep deprivation with my first child and now about to go into another yr with my second.
  • Mentally – way too much work between teaching full-time, ministering at church, taking care of my baby, being mindful of caring for others and working on this project. Did I mention that I had to quit seminary school?
  • Spiritually/Emotionally – I need to be cared for, but I’m usually doing the caring. Not that my husband isnt there for me because he is. I’m talking about as I minister to others, the other leaders and I (also mostly mommies) neglect our own self-care. I need to change that when I return from maternity leave. Then I’ll be on leave from work and have stepped down from pastoring at church, so that only leaves IGNITE! as my main focus in addition to the project I’m working on.
One of the things I need to do for myself for this school yr is make sure I’m eating well. There’s only crap food to be found near the school (and IN the school), so I have to try to be diligent to plan at home. Lots of fruit, veggies, nuts, water and my vitamins to supplement the regular meals – esp when I have no choice but to go get the crap food.
Action Plan:
  • Vitamins – put 2-days worth in the blue container my husband gave me.
  • Water – arrange for a case of water to be brought to school by my husband
  • Breakfast – try to eat something at home as much as possible (6:15am, yikes!) Some stuff we already have:
    • breakfast burritos
    • waffles (+ frozen fruit + syrup)
    • bagels (+ PB&J)
    • bread (+ butter & jam)
    • cereal (+ frozen fruit)
    • fruit – yes I should add a fruit each day to keep me full til lunch
  • Lunch – some microwaveable dishes. Dont like the sodium content, but the portion-size is good and it keeps me from having to run to the store when I can be grading papers
  • Snacks – Fruit/Veggies/Nuts: clean, cut and bag the wk in advance to be tossed into my bag in the morning
Hm, I was wrong when I said I wouldnt feel accomplished after writing this blog. I do. I have a plan now and I just need to execute it. Yay.
Now… back to work! 😛

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