Happy Chinese New Yr! 恭喜發財!


年年有餘! 萬事如意!

Yr of the Tiger 4708! My husband is a Tiger and I’m carrying a Tiger Cub in my belly right now! 😀

For the first time, I get to go 拜年 with my husband. His parents are in HK for the holidays so there’ll be no official new yr dinner for us – darn! But, we’ll still be visiting his grandma, god-parents, aunt and uncle tomorrow. My husband has oranges at his home and some boxes of chocolates to give out. For the first time this yr, I also had to go through a list with him of who to give out 紅包 to! Since we’re married now, we have to give to all the little ones. It’s kinda nice to put the nice new crisp bills in the packets. And we’re starting small cuz you have to increase each yr! =O I get to give to my god-daughters, my cousin and baby sister whose birthdays are this wk, a spiritual daughter of mine whom Tom and I have ‘adopted’ as our daughter, and a bunch of our friends’ kids, not to mention my husband’s cousins’ kids. Thank goodness we really only have his side of the family to worry about!! And they’re a small group compared to mine. Otherwise, we’d go broke! 😛

One of my friends was gracious enough to give my unborn baby a 紅包, too!!! So sweet!! ^_^


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