[Books] 2010 Reading List – Update I

Update on Reading List.


My Sunday blogs are dedicated to Books, Rest and Health. I guess I should call it a Sabbath post since that’s more in line with what I want to achieve this yr – sabbath. I’m hoping that blogging about my struggles to rest will keep me accountable to actually achieving that rest. Books are a major factor in resting. If I’m reading, then I’m relaxed. And I’m not talking about reading my Google Reader! šŸ˜› I do that EVERYDAY. -__- I mean, reading good books, even e-books. As long as they’re books. Resting can also include napping or sitting quietly. Even reading the Bible or a devotional. And Health is all about how trying to achieve this sabbath will help stave off my anxiety attacks and improve my sleep. Need to get myself healthy. I’m 32 and I want to have healthy babies… šŸ˜‰


2 comments on “[Books] 2010 Reading List – Update I

  1. ooh, i never knew about the free ebook reader from b&n!!!
    there’s a lot of trashy romance novels there thou haha šŸ™‚

  2. Lols. Well, I can make a list of the samples I downloaded but not sure ppl would care about that, haha. No trashy romance crap, tho! Cant stand them!!! šŸ˜›

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