[Marriage/Family] Love Dare Devotionals

My husband and I are going through the Love Dare Devotional and we’re learning this wk how to love others, and esp each other more each day. 6 months of marriage and counting! 😀


This yr my husband bought the Love Dare Devotional. We saw the movie Fireproof a few weeks ago and thought it was ok. I actually didnt think anything of it, except that it was good to watch it b/c it’s made such a big splash in the Christian (esp Southern Baptist) community. I’m super wary of the hierarchical tendencies in the Southern Baptist church. They tend to believe wives are obligated to obey their husbands in everything, rather than submit/cooperate/work together with their husbands of their own volition, as Scripture admonishes. That really annoys the crap outta me. 😦 So, anything published by them causes a bad reaction in me. So, I was surprised when my husband brought home the journal for us to do together. I’m hoping I wont encounter any of that in the journal. I’ll try to keep track of our progress on here.


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