[Books] 2010 Reading List

In an attempt to keep my blogging consistent this yr – which is not a New Yr’s Resolution, but still something good to do – I am going to try to create templates of each topic. They will be posted in italics on the bottom so that you can see the flow. I’m stealing this idea from my good friend Hosive. Imitation is the highest form of flattery, my friend. πŸ˜‰


I blogged about my Bible readings earlier this morning. Two posts in one day! Wow – must be my birthday! πŸ˜› (Yes, I turn 32 tomorrow. Woot-woot!) But, I wanted to make a list of the books I wanted to get read this yr. There’s a challenge going on called 52 books in 52 weeks. Dude. I’d be all over that if not for full-time teaching, part-time seminary and part-time pastoring. 😦 So, while trying not to overdo it, I still have books I need to get read. Here they are, and I will check them off as I go:

Side-note: I also made a sub-calendar for Prayer in my Google Calendar to help me remember to pray through what I’m reading (processing and applying are super-important), as well as name the ppl I need to lift up on a daily basis.


My Sunday blogs are dedicated to Books, Rest and Health. I guess I should call it a Sabbath post since that’s more in line with what I want to achieve this yr – sabbath. I’m hoping that blogging about my struggles to rest will keep me accountable to actually achieving that rest. Books are a major factor in resting. If I’m reading, then I’m relaxed. And I’m not talking about reading my Google Reader! πŸ˜› I do that EVERYDAY. -__- I mean, reading good books, even e-books. As long as they’re books. Resting can also include napping or sitting quietly. Even reading the Bible or a devotional. And Health is all about how trying to achieve this sabbath will help stave off my anxiety attacks and improve my sleep. Need to get myself healthy. I’m 32 and I want to have healthy babies… πŸ˜‰


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