Support needed!

If you’re reading this, then I implore you to stop and consider for a moment whether or not you would like to partner with me in ministry. Seminary has been great and I really need to blog about it as soon as this wk is over and hopefully I get some time to myself. I dont have time to write a nice newsletter update, so I’m resorting to this short notice.

I really need support. Not only for this Fall — still need $550 to finish off my payment — but also for the coming Spring. Spring registration begins next wk and I wont be able to register b/c I still owe funds. 😦 Help, pls! Next semester I have to start all over again raising $2850. It’s a financial stress, as well as energy-draining to go wk by wk not knowing if I can continue seminary from semester to semester. Regular monthly support would be fabulous. Every little bit helps. If 20 people support me $25/month, I would be set for the whole yr.

Unfortunately, I’m not only raising support for seminary, but also for URBANA. I say ‘unfortunately’ b/c it divides people’s givings to have two options to support. The URBANA issue I havent touched in my blogs yet. Just know that as of now my group of girls and I have no transport. I cant book flights for us b/c there’s not enough funding. Please consider supporting us as a group. We’re trying to raise the last $2000 we have left just for transportation and misc fees. We’re also selling stuff (mostly mine) in order to raise a few dollars here and there. If you’re interested, pls go to and click on URBANA-Fundraising.

Thanks all! 🙂


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