A Blogging Map

Based on my last entry, an assessment of my pastor-friend, Hosive’s blog, and a suggestion from a DM friend, I decided to map out how I would like my blogging to go. Ideally, I would follow this schedule so I dont run into what happened last time, which is that I mixed a bunch of topics together and posted over-much. 😛 I’d also try to create a template for each topic so that I’m not left wondering where to begin for each post. That’s a bit more micro-managing than I can handle right now 😉 but eventually I’ll get there.  So, here’s the suggested flow.

  • MONDAYS – Marriage/Family
  • WEDNESDAYS – Work/Teaching
  • FRIDAYS – Seminary/Pastoring
  • SATURDAYS – Cooking/Bentos/Meal-Planning
  • SUNDAYS – Books/Rest/Health

And I would immediately copy from WordPress to my LJ so I can keep my DMers in the loop, since they’re the ones who get shafted all the time! =X I’m hoping to stick with it, but you know – life happens! 😉 So, stay tuned. I’m gonna try to start after Columbus Day wknd when my mid-term paper is over! 😛


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