Bulk Posting

I need to be like my friend, Maggie Smith (hey there, Texas! :D) and post anything and everything all day long! Seriously, I’m envious of Maggie. She works hard all day, takes care of her 50 adopted cats at home, makes healthy food from scratch, attends kick-ass parties, and still has time to be an Ajah Head and make multiple entries on multiple blogs, tweet and update her FB status. WTH!?! She’s amazing.

There are several things I should be posting about anyway:

Double happinessMarriage – First yr! 😀 So far things are great. I married the most amazing man in the world. ❤ Already getting the baby questions, but back off! We’re waiting a few yrs. So now you know. 😉 It’s good for us to just enjoy time together and also I’m super-busy with the other things I should be posting about:

Everyday Chinese for Children

Everyday Chinese for Children

Work/Teaching – I’m working harder than ever before to make my lessons more efficient. Now that I know how to create a good Chinese lesson, it’s easier but more complicated, if that makes any sense. I took a course last Fall at Hunter College on Chinese Teaching Methodology. It was totally a God-thing. My professor turned out to be the author of my textbook!! =O (Didnt notice that til the 2nd day of class. :P) It was also all in Mandarin, which was really good for me. I’m feeling Mandarin-deprived ever since marrying into a Cantonese-speaking family. =/ It’s terrible for my input (how much Mandarin I hear), which I need lots of in order to keep my fluency. Need to watch more soap operas… >_> [But honestly, now that I think about it – why do I put so much pressure on myself to be so fluent in Chinese anyway? o_O I know I love the language and I’m surrounded by the ppl, and I may as well be Chinese… but. Yea, there’s a ‘but’ remaining. Sometimes I put too much of a burden on myself and it isnt fun anymore. :(]

So back to the lessons thing. Yea. It’s great to have the basic structure, and to know how my textbook was set up so I can get the most out of it. But, it does complicate things because I need to think through every single aspect of the lesson and map out how to get from one point to the next. This is called Backward Design in education lingo. I love it; it’s just not a cake-walk. I am putting all my lessons on powerpoint so that I can have my materials already set when I walk in the classroom. I am also using flashcards to reinforce the lessons. Most of them I have from the curriculum, but some I have to make. The powerpoints are the hard part b/c they have to contain the content in an engaging way. I think powerpoints are already engaging, but sometimes kids need to see fun stuff, too. For one of my reviews at the end of a lesson, I have pictures of cartoon characters like Harry Potter and Bart Simpson, as well as celebrities like Michael Jackson, and superheroes like Superman for them to identify using the new verb structure. My husband thinks one day when I have them all done, I’ll be able to sell them. Interesting thought. I’ll connect with my prof on that and see what she thinks. 😉 Anyway, I have an avg of 32 kids per class now and 8 classes total trying to fit in a half-sized classroom… Yea. It’s tight… and smelly. 😛

Seminary – Need a separate post on this one actually so I can really talk about how it’s been. (And it’s been GREAT!) Only attending part-time is still a lot of work, esp in light of what I said before about how I’m working extra hard on my lessons this yr. I’m keeping up with my work, though, and that’s all that matters. Weekends are my friend. 😀

Pastoring – I’ve had a self-imposed break since May due to wedding planning, actually having my wedding and then going off on Honeymoon. So, now with the new school yr starting, I also re-start preaching. I’ve been wanting to do a series on Gender Justice, with special emphasis on developing a theology of gender, and particularly of womanhood. This yr, the church’s themes sort of lend themselves to my new series, so it works out well. I’ll be blogging about this on the church site I set up: CLLEnglish.wordpress.com. Sometimes, I may re-post here, or link over. Dont really feel like repeating. 😛 In case you’re interested, my messages are being podcasted. So if you go to the site, you can check the SERMONS page for the links.

Cooking – ah, yes! Finally, learning to cook. And not just cook, but cook healthily. The great thing is that my husband already knows how to cook a lot of stuff, so he’s been taking care of that for us! (Love you, hunny!!) I feel I’ve really been gypped in this dept. Aside from not learning to cook at home as a kid, growing up in America really lends itself to lazy eating. I’ve been amazed to discover more and more how much I’ve been duped by the system. (So, that explains my obesity! >_<) Today, I made my own meatballs (first time and slightly tasteless, but I MADE THEM!), and my own pasta sauce (yay, diced tomatoes!! This one I liked. 🙂 ), and penne from a box. Ok, not so healthy there, but when I learn to bake my own bread (gonna go there soon!) then I’ll learn to make my own noodles. Seriously, the more I see stuff in the supermarket, the more I’m like, “dude, I can totally make this!! Why am I wasting my money?! o_O” That’s how I feel now. I’m gonna make it my business to learn the art that is cooking. In the process I’m hoping to get healthier and unload this extra baggage called WEIGHT that I’ve carried for so long. And how can I not mention BENTOS??! I’ve posted on my attempts before. They’ve been pretty lame of late – just leftovers and nothing fancy. But, soon and very soon. Dont worry. You’ll see. 😉 I’m actually thinking of teaching my 6th graders (Asian Studies SHOP class) about them. Maybe we can make them! Should be uber-fun!

The Gathering Storm

The Gathering Storm

Books – Havent showcased anything I’m rdg in a while. I’ve actually been trying to capture time to read for leisure, but it’s tough with all I have going on. 😦 Still, I have snatches of time. I’ve been re-reading Harry Potter & the Order of the Pheonix when I have a few mins to wind down before bed. Actually, it’s really important I wind down before bed b/c usually my mind is racing with what needs getting done the next day and it’s hard to fall asleep. My doctor had to give me a ‘calming vitamin’ to take before bed so I wouldnt be so anxious. I think it’s a personality-slash-occupational hazard thing. =T Still, it’s always good to re-visit old friends and that’s how I feel when I pick up a book I love. I’m hoping to re-read HP5, HP6 and HP7. Then I’ll move on to some smaller books. I was in the middle of The Good Fairies of New York and then got sidetracked. 😛 I need to hurry and get thru the HP books so I’ll have the luxury of re-reading the whole Wheel of Time series before I tackle the last book (#12) in the series. They are actually releasing it in 3 parts, I believe, so I have time before they all come out. Still, it’s a lot of ground to cover!! I may need to re-read them while still staying on top of my seminary reading and readings for my sermons as well as just reading the other new books on my shelf. I swear, I need to sell all my books. They are seriously growing stale on my shelf! 😦 Ok, I’ll keep some – like my HP’s – I would never part with those!!! But, the others have to go! >_<

Did I say this was a bulk post?

That’s all I have time for right now. Longest post I’ve written in a while, I think. Shows how long I’ve deprived myself. Need to blog more. If anything, this blog entry proves it!! 😛


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