New school yr!

I havent posted anything new here since I got back from my honeymoon about 6 wks ago! 😀 So, now time for an update.

I actually didnt do my usual routine this summer, like head up to Herald Gospel Camp the way I’ve done the last 6 yrs. There were too many things happening in terms of wedding planning, wrapping up the school yr with my junior high students, and then flying off to my honeymoon-slash-first-real-vacation-since-I-started-working-9-yrs-ago!! 😛 It was wonderful to attend Hillsong Conference in Sydney, Australia and enjoy their Winter season. Tom and I prefer colder weather to warmer, anyway. We hopped over to Hong Kong after that and enjoyed much lower prices, but did not enjoy the sweltering monsoon heat or the typhoon we got slightly caught in the day before flying back to the U.S.!! 😛

So now we’re back and summer’s over. *insert wailing and gnashing of teeth here* I was actually really anxious about starting this new yr – for more reasons than one. Health-wise, I’m beginning to notice that my pent-up lack-of-mourning-over-my-father’s-death-18-months-ago has manifested into some chest pain and lack of good sleep. 😦 Also, teaching is a life-consuming occupation and it’s a long-haul marathon from Sept to June. Those who say teachers are lucky and should stop complaining b/c we get full summers off need to stuff it! You have no idea what you’re talking about. Because of the budget cuts this yr, esp, my school has had to cram 30+ kids into each class. My room is half the size of a normal room, and b/c of the crap stuff kids eat these days, 6th graders are the size of 18-yr-olds, so you try teaching 33 of them Chinese for each of your 24 periods a wk (that’s 8 different classes), and see how hot you look at the end of each day! >_<

That said,  I do love teaching. 😛 I do. My dear hubby thinks I’m partially cookoo. And he’s right. To be a teacher you have to be, dont you think? Esp here in NYC! This is the real deal – no Amish-like obedient children here!

I wrote an update as to what I’m doing this Fall on my newsletter which I’m embedding here, so you can click on it and read at your leisure. I’m following this up with another update about seminary alone, so read on! 😀



One comment on “New school yr!

  1. Hi Jazmine, Ashani here, I love this post! Thanks for the update! Nice to know that I’m not the only crazy teacher out here, trying to balance so many things! Although I teach dance, I can definitely relate! Glad I came across this! Be blessed, and congrats on your wedding again! (I also have not been on a vacation in 9 years!! So sad! Planning one for next Spring as we speak! This is ridiculous!!) Oh, we have a WordPress Blog too,

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