My Utmost for His Highest

I havent used a devotional book to aid in my personal Quality Times (QT) with God in a long time. [Side note – I call it Quality Time and not Quiet Time. I understand the concept is to ‘quiet yourself’ before God so you can hear His voice, etc, but I just dont believe every time with God must be ‘quiet.’ I think it’s a misnomer.] But, last nite I found myself dusting off my old copy of My Utmost for His Highest, by Oswald Chambers and reading through the day’s devotion. It was great. I remember how much wisdom I would glean Chambers’ spiritual insights. I think I’ll be going thru it a bit more often these days. I’ve quit BSF for this yr, so I’m coming up dry on daily discipline. 

I really dont like devotional books, to be honest. I think they’re a waste of time in a lot of respects. Not because they’re written poorly – tho some are – but because I think people rely too much on reading the commentary about the Bible verse/passage and not reading the Bible itself. (I want to personally thank my friend Vicky Li for that insight.) It’s true. Even tho I really like Oswald Chambers’ My Utmost for His Highest, and it’s probably the only devotional book I’ve kept and thumbed through over the years, I still recommend that people read the BIBLE. 

Ironically, I wouldnt mind writing a devotional myself. 😛 I think it’s the nerd in me. But, esp b/c the Bible is very intimidating for people to read. Unfortunately, they do not enjoy it at ALL! And since I have discipled many many youth, I know this to be all too true. 😦 So, if I wrote a devotional, it would be a cross between giving people a piece of the Word to carry with them throughout the day, as well as teach them how to read through the Bible and apply it, while also incorporating different disciplines to keep oneself meditating on Scripture throughout the day. Something like that. Sounds convoluted. Maybe one day I can do it. It may not be too comprehensive. After all, how much can you do in a 365-day devo? You certainly cant go through every single verse in Scripture! But, maybe I can leave it off with some tips on continuing after the reader is done. It would definitely be egalitarian in theology, as well as charismatic. And maybe it would be geared towards women in particular. Not that men dont need to learn these things, of course. And since I disciple more boys/men than girls/women, there’s no way they can get away from it. But, women esp need to be educated, particularly in today’s church. The church is confused about women and women are confused about Scripture. This has to stop.

Can I accomplish that in one devotional? Maybe. And maybe once I write it, I’ll publish it. And then recommend that people not read it, but read the Bible instead. 😛


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