Home is where your Tatami is

tatami room

tatami room

Yes, I admit, I’m thinking domestically today. I have been deeply excited about the prospect of decorating a new home! (Not that we have one yet…) But, just the thought of having a new place that we can call our very own, grow in love, raise a family, minister and hopefully pass on to our children is a dream! It really is a dream. Not many people have a bed to sleep in much less a place to call a ‘home.’ Not to be confused w/merely having a house or apt. A HOME is so much more.

My ideal style of home may be a surprise to you, but I really love Japanese-style homes. I love the idea of having a room full of nothing but tatami mats. It can be whatever you make it to be, as tatami rooms are usually multi-functioned anyway. For the ‘mansion’ Tom and I will be living in, I would love to have one room for prayer and have it be a tatami room. Yes, the tatamis cost money and yes, we’ll need more than one, but it saves on the furniture we wont end up buying for that room b/c it’s already filled. There’s something so appealing to me about tatamis. You can sit, lay, stand, lounge and it’s comfortable. We may need some cushions and back rests – esp for our more Western friends who cant sit on a floor cross-legged without breaking something, *snortgiggle* – but overall, it’ll be sparse. It’ll be serene. It’ll be sacred. I love sacred spaces for prayer! LOVE THEM. I want a sacred space for prayer in my home. And what better than to combine my two interests and make it one serenely sacred room?

What does your ideal home look like?


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