Twice as Much; Half as Good

I always feel that as a woman, I have to do twice as much to prove myself to be half as good. More in the church than in society. HOWEVER, I am learning – still learning – that instead of trying to build my resume I need to guard my character. Character, not my resume, is where my ministry stands or falls. (Thanks to Willow Creek for that note.) And I’m always amazed by comments I receive:

“Jas, I’m not crazy about the idea of women pastors. But, if I had to choose someone who could do it, it would be you.”

“I dont believe in women pastors, but I believe in you.”

“In my theology, there’s no room for women to be pastors, which is why it’s hard for me to say this… but it cant be denied what I see in the Spirit. You have a powerful anointing in you that’s much like a pastor.”

Crazy, huh? But, I’m learning that no degree or number of yrs of experience will give me the kind of credibility that a true revelation of God will deliver. I simply need to keep my eyes on Him and not myself. I’m still struggling with this – esp b/c not only am I a women leader, but an impoverished minority (Hispanic – with all the stereotypes that go with that) in a privileged minority (Chinese), and a young one (only 30) in a community which values age and seniority. These are tough challenges. In all these things, God keeps reminding me that He’s my advocate. In the end, no one can challenge or deny the anointing God has on you as long as you walk in it with integrity.

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