Showcasing Google Reader

I love Gmail.

Anyone who knows me should know that by now. I love it like I love Harry Potter and Buffy, the Vampire Slayer. 😀 In another lifetime, I’d love to work for Gmail! I have several Gmail accounts for different purposes and I can go on and on about how great it is. (And I have!)  In addition, I’ve helped a few ppl set up their own gmail accounts and even archived their old emails for them. I happen to be working on that for one friend right now.

Yes, I’m completely insane. Thank you for asking. 😀

For this post, however, I thought I’d focus on one major feature of Gmail – the Google Reader. I’ve talked many moons ago about Southern Baptist blogs I read. I’ve added them to my Google Reader. Anything that has an RSS feed – blogs, comics, news – can be added to your Google Reader subscription. It saves plenty of time and effort. No need to go to the actual site. The feed just picks it up. If you have a Gmail account and your friends do, too, you can share with one another. It’s as easy as adding them and then clicking on their name when it’s highlighed. In case any of you are looking for new things to read, I wanted to list my favorite blogs here. Some havent changed and some I’ve added. Here are a few I highly recommend:

  • CBE Blog: Christian for Biblical Equality is an organization that specializes in providing resources for the individual and the church on topics having to do with gender justice and equality. Their blog is often a forum for open discussion on the practical realities of functioning in an egalitarian system as well as critiquing or commenting on current trends in mainstream evangelicalism in regards to this issue.
  • Kathy Escobar: she’s a pastor, wife and mommy of 5 and has plenty of wonderful insights into how church is run. Very emergent and egalitarian, vulnerable and inspiring.
  • Abandon Image: A very egalitarian pro-feminist blog with many theological expositions on the more difficult texts to interpret from Scripture regarding women.
  • Wade Burelson: a Southern Baptist pastor and former IMB trustee with many things to say about the new regime in the SBC.
  • Math Comics: In their own words – “A webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language.” Enuff said.
  • We The Robots: I first saw this on Norman’s Google Reader sharing. (See? This is how the virus, uh inspiration spreads! 😛 ) It’s about robots at work in an office. Sorta like Dilbert, but robot-oriented, lols.
  • Bob and George: A Mega-Man based comic. If you love Mega-Man, you’ll love Bob and George.
If you have a Gmail account and you dont use Google Reader, I suggest you start! And that’s my shameless plug for Google/Gmail for today! 🙂

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