[This should’ve been posted on Thursday, but I was away at camp.]

Re-posted from my xanga, Aug ’06.

My friend, Patty, from Cana at OCM way back in the day is gone… just gone… She passed on to be with Jesus last Sun. I found out at Herald Gospel Camp on Thursday… Never cried so hard in my life.

2.18.79 – 8.21.06

Patty – I remember everything. I remember how we prayed together at Cana Women’s Conference, cried together over our very bad boyfriend (same guy; different times), played together at Camp Akiba, laughed together at Rick & Deb’s place, and talked together at OCM… I cherish it all. You were such a good friend, and an amazing person. You had a great heart for women’s issues and social justice way before I ever did. You cared about the Chinatown community and wished the churches there did too. You wanted to reach out to the immigrant population, and you were so happy when you found out I was working at CCHC because that’s what they do.

Patty, I love you. I miss you so much. For the first time in 7yrs I’ll get to see you again. I wish that we were mtg tomorrow at Starbucks or TaiPan Bakery… and not a funeral home. It sux that you’re gone. The world will never know what they just lost… But I will.


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