NYC Dept of Education EMAIL

I like teaching, but I hate the NYC Dept of Education.

They made it mandatory to use THEIR email this yr. I have a JFlores2[at] acct.

It sux. And let me count the ways:

It’s a HOTMAIL interface! >_<
And it’s INTRA-net, for #(&$$(*)&%’s sake! >_< (That means I cant fwd it to any of my other email accts.)
And every few wks, it asks me to change my password, but when I try it tells me there’s an error and locks me out.

The NYC Dept of Ed is inept.

If they were really techno-savvy, they’d be Google-hosted and we’d all have cool Gmail accts! (I have 4. ^_^)

Gmail’s the best email ever created. Everyone needs one now.

NYC DoE… I have nothing more to say to you.


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