Feeling Pastorish

For the first time today I felt like a pastor. Not that there’s a pastor-like feeling per se. But, just that the atmo was such that I felt like a pastor. In a most regular churches, pastors often sit up front. It’s a place of honor and convenience. Honor b/c the pastor serves the church and the front seats are special in our culture; and convenience b/c it’s best to be up front if you’re going to preach. I was not preaching today, and our youth service is so small, there were only 2 rows anyway =P but nonetheless, I somehow ended up in the first row next to my fellow youth pastor, Manni. Perry began leading worship and with Manni and I up front, my mind wandered to all those times I saw my own pastors up front worshiping along with the congregation. And I realized suddenly that I’ve joined those ranks. Not with a title or a degree, of course. Not at this stage. I’m not even recognized as a pastor yet, lol. But, the feeling was there. The weight of responsibility was there. The presence and power of God was there. I was more assured of my calling to serve at CLL than ever. And I felt… pastorish. 🙂


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