The Need to Read

I’m a self-proclaimed bibliophile. Always have been. But, in the last few yrs, my pleasurable reading time has dwindled to spurts of voracious reading [WoT #12, HP #7, DC’s 52 series] and intermittent sparse readings [weblogs, newspaper articles, an occasional comic book]. Once I started ministry, I was too exhausted to read once I got home. And then last yr, when I started teaching again, my time became re-consumed with grading & lessons planning.

My two main professions – teaching and ministry – are life-consuming, not 9-5. I am extremely busy. Unfortunately, some ppl’s solutions to counter-acting my busy-ness is to suggest I read the things I enjoy LESS. =T This makes no sense to me. So, I realize I have to explain: Essentially, no matter how busy I’ve been, I’ve always had time to read, and when I dont read, it means I’m way too busy. Last school yr, I went for months and months without picking up a single book. And anyone who knows anything about my life last yr will know I wasnt well by any stretch of the imagination. I was sick from Sept to July 1st. I still have stacks of magazines I subscribe to – TIME, Charisma, & Spirit-Filled Woman – sitting on my desk from 2005 that I havent opened yet. 😦 This is bad. I look longingly at my bookshelves everyday trying to decide what I have to give up doing that evening in order to budget in some reading time. And most days, I give up and just work. It’s become that critical.

So, when I actually do have the time to sit and read a comic book or pull out a book that’s been gathering dust on a bookshelf, it means I’m actually in a good place. It makes me happy. It’s extremely therapeutic for me. When you suggest to me that reading comics or any of my books is frivolous and a waste of my time, it makes me sad – and then a little annoyed – b/c I see that you just dont understand how much I need to read. It’s such a part of who I am.

I’m pleased to announce that I have been reading pretty regularly since the school yr began. I’ve been making my way thru the Golden Compass series. I’m half-way thru the last book, #3-The Amber Spyglass. So, you should be proud of me. And a good way to check in with my mental health is to ask me what I’ve been reading lately. If I cant answer, I need down time, stat! But, even if I mention that I’ve finished one Buffy comic or one JLA graphic novel, you should know I sacrificed a lot for that time. And it was worth it.


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