Not to sound like an angry feminist, but…

things like this disgust me:

In a move to counter the mounting criticism that Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and its president, Paige Patterson, have received on account of the “homemaking degree,” offered through the seminary’s undergraduate program, the Fort Worth school has now authorized the development of a supplementary degree concentration in Christian Husbandry.

The new degree, which will launch this fall, will further serve the school’s mission to equip Southern Baptist churches to reclaim the Christian home as a counter-cultural weapon against un-biblical family paradigms.

With elective course offerings in lawnmowing, hedgetrimming, weedeating, and fire-ant prevention, Southwestern’s husbandry degree will achieve Patterson’s objective to make the seminary a premier center for theological education in America.

“The Bible is replete with exhortations for men who seek to fulfill their God-given commission as the leaders of their households,” Patterson said. “Southwestern Seminary will spare no effort — we will spend every last dime of convention money, if necessary — to preserve and protect the biblical roles of Christian men.”

Read more about this ridiculous degree here:

BTW — whilst this entry is fictional (almost got me there), the fact that the seminary DOES offer a degree for women in Home-making in order to somehow ‘build her up’ to be a more godly wife/mother nauseates me. It ranks right up there with seminaries like DTS and Master’s that dont allow women to even apply for M.Div programs for fear that she may become a licensed/ordained pastor. To quote my favorite Rocket Red#4, Dimitri Pushkin, (may he R.I.P.), “give breakage to me.”


4 comments on “Not to sound like an angry feminist, but…

  1. jo, why would u wanna HEDGETRIM? u live in da city! no bushes there for you to trim!

    lols, this reminds me of a question i posed in history today — “what is affirmitive action” leading into a 20 min discussion of explaination by my teacher (oh we kno how to tangent :D) but anyways it rly got me thinking about social justice ++ racism ladelala. . . in america at least and how “minorities” no matter what kidn would always be discriminated against.

    (i have no idea how i connected that w/women’s rights but yeah)

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