Women, Be Free!

Today, the majority people group in the Church around the world is WOMEN


Today, the most oppressed people group in the Nations of the world is WOMEN


What is wrong with this picture??


Consider this:

1. Women missionaries preach, teach and plant churches… but when they get home, they must be silent.

2. Women excel in education and can teach in the schools & colleges… but they can’t teach Adult Co-Ed Sunday School.

3. Pastor’s Wives are not licensed pastors… yet they are called on to perform pastoral duties, such as Counseling and running Women’s & Children’s Ministries.

4. Women can obtain PhD’s in Computer Science… but are denied entry into an M.Div track at certain seminaries.


Women so easily come to Jesus…

and yet they are denied the true FREEDOM the Gospel preaches.


Still there is female circumcision,

Still there is forced abortion,

Still there is dictated dress,

Still there is scorn, shame, abuse, rape, oppression, starvation, and poverty…


What is the Church doing about this???



Release them to PREACH, to TEACH, to MINISTER, to HEAL, to PROPHESY…

(and not just to women and the kids!)

… and send them with your highest recommendation by LICENSING them, ORDAINING them, ANOINTING them, SUPPORTING them, ENCOURAGING them, and PROTECTING them…




I am accountable to God for MYSELF.

God will ask ME what I did with the gifts/talents He entrusted to me.

I must follow His calling to ME.


Neither my father, my brother, my future husband, nor my future sons will be my “head” when I stand before Jesus to defend what I did and did not do for God.

He will call me up and ask me to explain MYSELF.


And what will I say?

“But, I was told I wasn’t supposed to lead in church!” ??


No… Instead, I want to say to Jesus –>

“Lord, the work that You have entrusted to me — this I have ACCOMPLISHED!”


Oh, Lord… My heart bleeds for the Women in the Church — Your daughters…


When will we be free?


[re-posted from my Xanga, March 10, 2005]


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