Random Things about Me

TEN Random Things About Me:

1. I have no cavities.

2. I love cats & turtles.

3. The Power-puff Girls are my favorite kindergarten  heroes.

4. Spider-Man is my favorite superhero.

5. Mint is my favorite flavor in the whole world.

6. I’ve had 8 jobs in 5 years.

7. I am NOT a girlie-girl! I HATE clothes shopping and I HATE dolls.

8. I can’t remember life before Chinese influence.

9. I am super-anal about fonts and layouts.

10. I was saved thru the invitation of a televangelist.


NINE Places I’ve Visited/Lived in:

1. China

2. Taiwan

3. Turkey

4. Japan

5. India

6. Malaysia

7. Thailand

8. Singapore

9. France


EIGHT Things I want to do before I die:

1. Get ordained (Become a pastor)

2. Plant a church

3. Live in China again

4. See my family become Christians

5. Have LOTS of children (even tho I already have plenty! :P)

6. Publish books

7. Live a debt-free existence

8. Leave a legacy


SEVEN Ways to win my heart:

1. Be uninhibited in your worship

2. Buy me chocolate covered fruit from Harry & David

3. Express interest in books

4. Have a heart for young people

5. Put Jesus before me, but put me before ministry

6. Be willing to travel

7. Advocate for Biblical Equality between men and women


SIX Things I believe in:

1. Jesus is God

2. The power of prayer

3. The art of story-telling

4. Mentoring

5. The present operation of charismatic Spiritual Gifts.

6. The youth revival to come


FIVE Things I’m afraid of:

1. living an ordinary existence

2. not being able to spend my life with my babies

3. divorce

4. not making an impact in people’s lives

5. dolls


FOUR of my Favorite Items in my bedroom:

1. my books and comics

2. my laptop

3. my DVDs

4. my turtle


THREE Things I do everyday:

1. worship

2. check my email

3. read


TWO Things I am trying not to do right now:

1. real work

2. think about the future


ONE Person I want to see right now:

1. Ming, my kitty-husband


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