The Golden Compass

GC Started reading this months ago and put it down after a chapter or two. Having taken this long hiatus from reading it, I didnt actually want to pick it up again. After finishing HP7, however, there was no reason to keep it ignoring it. I must say, I’ve been relatively pleased with the book. I’m hurrying to finish it as I’m almost to the end now, so that I can start book 2. The trilogy, His Dark Materials, is now in my possession having been borrowed from my school library. Yes! I only bought book 1, the others I will simply borrow to read. *gasp* Strange for a book collector like myself. Only thing is, I hope I dont like it too much. It seems the books I borrow – New Spring (WoT), and Artemis Fowl Series – are the ones I end up liking the most. 😦Aerodon

There’s a movie coming out for the first book on 12/7. I cant wait to see it on screen. Looks like they’ve done a great job. And on the site, you can test for your very own dæmon! 😀 I’ve taken the test twice, and the results didnt come exactly as I’d planned. [They said I’m SHY… o___O WTH?] But, still I’m satisfied with my dæmon. I got the Tiger twice, but the second one is the one I’ve kept. His name is Ærodon. Isnt that pretty?


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