The Beefeater

How well do I remember the first day I read this copy of the JLE. It was beyond hysterical – esp for a fan of British comedy like myself. Very closely based on John Cleese‘s Fawlty Towers, the character of The Beefeater was Basil Fawlty in all his farcical flesh. If I remember correctly, I finished the comic, closed it, opened it back up to the first page and read it again! 😀 That was fun.

So, why the sudden resurgence of Beefeater-filled thoughts? Today’s top story – First female Beefeater starts at Tower of London. When I first read JLE#20, I had no clue what a Beefeater was. Fast-fwd yrs later… I find that unlike the DC portrayal, Beefeaters (aka Yeoman Warders to the Tower of London) are pretty darn cool and prestigious. [What? You mean the way they represent things in comics isnt real??! *dies*]FemaleBeef

As a self-proclaimed women’s advocate, I am very proud of Cameron for making it into the ranks of this famous guard. Hope this opens doors for more women who want this position in the future. Achievements like this may only receive a passing nod, but on the road towards gender justice, this is a huge deal. So, congratulations Cameron! May she be the best at her post!


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