Back to Camp!+Summer Ministry Update #4

I’ve been dying to get back up to LT-7 all wk! I was gonna take this wk to move my bedroom to the other room so my sis could move in, but she called and said she was most likely not moving in with me. Ok. So, my room is pretty messy for no reason. *snort* Well, I guess I’ll have to clean it all up and fix the other room when I get back in 2 wks. No biggie.

So, I’m going back up to beat the crap outta my boys. I learned this from Pastor Randy – “Fathers spank their kids, but Mothers beat their kids.” Yes, I would say that is true. I’m taking Mom rights and beating my boys… with the power of prayer. =D I do that a lot. I dont yell. I speak firmly and authoritatively, but yelling I dont do. No point. I’d rather they come to the right conclusions on their own. And if I pray with them, they usually do. The promise for me this wk is “VICTORY.” I will remember. I will claim it. There will be breakthru! They dont call me “Dynamita” for nuthin’! And as JonYan says, “They dont call her ‘the Slayer’ for no reason.” ^__^ This wk, we will see who shall be slain… first. 😉

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