Ministry vs. Work

I left full-time ministry at CCHC last summer b/c I was dissatisfied. Poor pay, long hours, inherited ministries. I longed to teach public school again. So, I left. I went back to my old school and I teach Chinese there now. Beautiful. I have a steady paycheck again so I can afford rent in the City and all my books and comics. Delightful. (And I’m so grateful, thank You, Jesus!)

But, this past yr was anything but perfect. I was sick Sept – June, stressed beyond some of my limits and struggled with being in the classroom again. Not to mention drama with Angel, grad school and continuing some of my ministry at CCHC.

The summer has been glorious – my ideal. Getting a steady paycheck while being free to do ministry. Going up to LT7 and ministering to my boys (men!) has been awesome. Tiring, tough, trying… yes. But, wonderful. God is doing awesomeness in them, and I get to stand by and watch it all unfold. This is the joy of my heart. Pastoring/Shepherding: my heart’s desire.

So, now I struggle again. School is starting again, and while I love my salary, my schedule and my class load… Teaching isnt a 9-5 thing. It’s a 24-7 thing. Just like shepherding. So, while I weigh out how much to involve myself in ministry this yr and how I’m going to follow up with all my precious babies… I wonder something: how long can I do this before I have to choose between my career and my ministry? Rick Carey’s solution is simple: “Marry someone rich so you can stay in ministry! =D” Thanks, Rick. I’ll keep that in mind when the suitors come knocking. =P Not so simple.

School is starting, and my last semester of grad school. And here I am again… again. Starting the yr with uncertainty, change… and a daughter? Last yr was a son, why not a daughter this yr? P. Joseph says adoption is a full-time job already. How many full-time jobs am I to have? Is it really about my ‘limits’? Or is it about ‘nothing being impossible with God’? Can I ‘do all things thru Him who gives me strength”?

Let’s find out.


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