[HP] Of Horcruxes and Hallows

dan025.jpgOne of my favorite series’ of all time is now officially over. I feel at once sorrowful and elated.

I think it ended well. The chapter on the Prince nearly made me cry. =’) And this has to be my all-time favorite line: “NOT MY DAUGHTER, YOU BITCH!” ^__^ Oh my. Yes, Molly Weasley – exposed for the tried and true member of tOotP that she is. *is proud*

Oh, Harry… what will life be like without you?


2 comments on “[HP] Of Horcruxes and Hallows

  1. every one like that chapter about the prince. The series was good but wasn’t as great as i hope it would be. Some scene reminded me of Lord of the rings and Narnia. the story of the deathly hallow was sudden and belittle the horcruxes as a mere easy task. I could say what was good and bad about it but i don’t want to rubble on and on. Overall a good series but not great or amazing( although it started as an amazing series and lost it steam in book 5).

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