[Copied directly from my forum post]


* Seeing the CLL & HGC kids get off the bus, and hugging them. I was gushing to everyone about my wonderful babies! emoticon

* Giving my workshop on Spiritual Gifts and Nick asking me, “Jasmine, since you speak in tongues, can you say ‘hi’ to me?” emoticon

* During the same workshop, asking JackyZ to define tongues and he said, ‘a personal interpretation of God-both private and public.’ emoticon I ended up asking him 2 more times before he finally got it. emoticon

* Prayer with JYan in the prayer room where he bared his soul to Jesus. emoticon

* Crying with Manni and Jo after the counselor’s workshop with Pastor Drew. I really need to deal with my emotions. emoticon

* Worshiping with the other counselors the first nite. emoticon

* Praying over JYee with Maggie, Symphony, Sushi and Teresa. emoticon

* Pastor Drew admitting that his most embarrassing moment was laying on a loud fart during a prayer mtg. emoticon

* KK being slain during the concert of prayer! emoticon

* Scott crying all thru the personal prayer time. emoticon

* Jo’s sharing about Iraq during morning prayer on Monday. emoticon

* Praying for Sushi with Manni and holding her while she bawled uncontrollably as Manni spoke to her the things God was revealing. emoticon

* Holding Sushi the next day as she shared this experience with the whole camp. emoticon

* Sobbing while praying for Maggie. emoticon

* Having a great conversations with Alan, Calvin, Alvin, Teresa, Symphony, Scott, Jessie, Evelyn, Carrie and Tiffany throughout the conference. emoticon

* Talking with and praying for Wilson. emoticon

* Seeing all my old OCM summer day camp kids, Cana kids, old TECBCers who’ve been to my workshops, and old friends who served as counselors. emoticon

* Getting to serve at and enjoy this amazing conference once again. emoticon

We live to exalt JESUS as:
Saviour… Baptiser with the Holy Spirit… Healer… and Soon-Coming King!
This is the Foursquare Gospel!


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