Southern Baptists & the Subordination of Women




housewifeThe recent Southern Baptist declaration that the subordination of women is an essential Christian belief is but another sad chapter in the history of biblical misinterpretation and illogic in the church. Thinking they must protect the flock from the egregious errors of secular feminism, the denomination has fallen into the equal and opposite error of asserting a hierarchy of male authority. Their certainty that this is what the Bible “clearly” teaches is ill-founded. As a Puritan divine once said, “There may yet be more truth to break forth from God’s Word.”

Although the press generally has failed to report it, a substantial number of evangelical (theologically conservative) Protestants believe that Scripture, rightly interpreted, does not teach that women must be universally subject to the spiritual authority of men, but rather that women are spiritually equal to men. Here is the argument in miniature.

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