Jesus Sent the Sisters

Jesus Sent the Sisters: Jessica Fick—Portrait of a Proclamation Evangelist
The Gospel at Urbana 06
by Myron Crockett
Even as an undergraduate student involved in InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, Jessica Fick was a maverick InterVarsity kid. “For me, being a Christian didn’t mean no longer hanging out with my non-Christian friends,” said Fick. “Sure, they were having sex, drinking, and going to bars, but I thought, ‘Well, who else is going to reach out to them?’”Six years of staff work with InterVarsity in Michigan, including a promotion to the position of Area Director for Western Michigan in the spring of 2006, has not dulled Fick’s maverick spirit. A proclamation evangelist with the Regional Evangelism Team, Jessica Fick engages a host of college campuses from Michigan to West Virginia with the gospel of Jesus.

“I want to raise up the next generation of female evangelists,” said Fick in an interview at Urbana 06. “At proclamation evangelism conferences I don’t see women evangelists. Many of them haven’t been seen, and they haven’t been told that they can do this.”

For the full article, click here: Urbana article


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