Firefly/Serenity & a Random Rambling about Books I’m Reading

FireflySo, I’ve been watching the DVD series of Firefly, which is a pretty good show, as far as space cowboys go, and I am doing my best not to get hopelessly hooked – esp since the series is SO SHORT! posticon


One of the things that really makes this show stand out is the Chinese they use! When I first saw Serenity, I was confused, but after reading up on it, I found that the world Joss Whedon created had the U.S. and China as the universe’s last two super-powers. Everyone in that future speaks English and Mandarin. (Sounds like a great future to me!)

In addition, they use a slew of colorful Chinese swear words I’ve never even heard of! Too bad their accents are so crappy. But, they try. For a full list (by episode) of the Chinese – not all swears – used, check here. My favorite was probably – not a swear – a phrase on Jayne’s T that said, 戰鬥的小精靈 “fighting elves.” posticon I dont think I’ve ever learned how to say ‘elves’ in Chinese, so I’ve just learned a very useful vocab word! Those who went to college with me will recall me constantly crying out for the assistance of elves. Now I know better – I should’ve cried out in Chinese!

Lost Colony

And speaking of elves, or fairies/goblins/trolls, is anyone reading the Artemis Fowl series?? I’m half-way thru the latest – #5 The Lost Colony – and it’s quite good. I love Arty! He reminds me of another mischievous 15-yr-old boy that I ❤ dearly. >ahem!<

HP7HP7 has been pre-ordered as well! (No surprise there.) I hope it’s 5000 pages long!


When does WoT #12 come out??? A Memory of Light I think it’s going to be called. I swear, I hate all of RJ’s loose ends ever since #6 – tLoC, but what can one do? There’s no WAY he’s going to be able to wrap it all up in the final novel. It better be 5000 pages long, too, tho! I want to see Egwene kick Elaida’s 屁股! Actually, it’d be a lot more fun if Siuan and Leane do it for her. We’ll see. Payback is gonna hurt big time!


And btw – 52 is almost done! (I’m so way behind, tho!) I will finish the set Hosive lent me last time and return them to him in 2 wks, so that I can get the latest ones. The graphic novel comes out in May. If Hosive gets it, I may get his whole 52 collection! Mwah-hahahahahha!

And did I mention I have the flu, I have HW to do for grad classes and I have parent/teacher conferences all day and nite tomoro? Aiya… Thank goodness for Korean soap operas! (A topic yet to come!)


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