Jan 4th – 29th Birthday


Thundercats The fun gifts:
My newborn God-Daughter, Verity Evangeline Chao! Born on MY BIRTHDAY!!!!
2. Thundercats, Season 1 – Vol.1 & 2

Other fun things I’m looking forward to in 2007/my 29th yr:
1. M.S. Education – finish at the end of the yr, FINALLY!
2. Harry Potter OotP – another lovely midnite showing!
3. D*Con – my 1st one, and finally getting to meet DM folk!
4. Nintendo Wii – my Zelda and Mario fixations will be satisfied!
5. Thundercats, Season 2 – Vol.1 & 2 – and the collection will be complete!
6. LOST, Heroes, 24, Smallville… – but too bad I have no cable 😦

And now the more important things I’m looking forward to:
1. Mentoring/Raising Kids – Sammie, Maggie, my Twin boys, my God-Daughter, my youth…
2. Balance – finally getting my life in order
3. Teaching – getting all my certifcation done
4. Driver’s License – summertime?


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