Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows


The 7th book title has now been released!

But what in the world does it mean???
For theories on the plotline of the latest HP installment, check out Veritaserum: http://www.veritaserum.com/theories/

For example:

The Basilisk, a Horcrux?

Perhaps there is another Horcrux Harry has destroyed without knowing it. It is thought that Voldemort used Nagini as a Horcrux. Is it possible he used the basilisk as a Horcrux as well, possibly using the death of moaning myrtle to create it? We know Voldemort prized himself on being Slytherin’s heir, so what better to use as a Horcrux than Slytherin’s own monster? If this is the case, Harry has already destroyed another Horcrux without knowing it.

-Tom Riddle Senior

Very good try at a theory, I might add. Didnt think of that one!


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