Chinese Name

HuaWhen I became fully immersed into Chinese culture, I used a dictionary to look up the right characters to translate my English name into Chinese. This is what I got:

Flores (“flowers”) = 花 hua
Jasmine = 茉莉 mo-li

I was known as 花茉莉 Hua Moli all throughout High School, Chinese School and half-way through sophomore yr of college. Then, I started dating Yoon, whom I always call, (to this day!), 오빠 Oppa. And he wanted to give his non-Korean gf a Korean name. He looked in his dictionaries (which I now own), and found:

Flores (“flowers”) = 꽃 kot or 화 hua
Jasmine = 말리 mal-li or 소형 so-hyung

We chose Hua SoHyung, even tho the “hyung” part sounded too close to a guy’s title –> 兄 meaning elder brother. I then took my new Korean name and looked up the Chinese characters corresponding to them: 花素馨 Hua SuXin. I have been Hua SuXin ever since. All throughout the end of college, my stay in Taiwan, my yr living in China, my 3 yrs at CCHC – basically throughout my entire adult career. It’s been almost 10 yrs! But, I was never really comfortable with it. I only chose it out of desperation b/c being called Hua Moli inspired too much giggling from my Chinese profs. posticon

I was thinking of getting Hua Moli to make a come-back. After all, it’s not on my birth certificate! I can change my Chinese name anytime I want! (And so I do! posticon) Bu, then I was thinking – why not combine them, eh? Why not become 花素莉 Hua SuLi? I’m not too keen on the 茉 mo part or the 馨 xin part. Most especially because it tends to be really difficult for non-Chinese to pronounce. [Not that it all really matters, since I’m always called by my title: 花老師 Hua Laoshi or “Flower Teacher.”]

So, all this to say – my Korean name, (which no one even knows anyway), will stay the same: 화소형 Hua SoHyung, but I’m changing my Chinese name (anew!) to 花素莉 Hua SuLi. And if anyone giggles… well, I wont mind so much this time.


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