To Blog or not to Blog?

I was going to switch over to Blogspot, but decided that having a site would be more to my advantage. Of course, this is still in blog-format, which means I am blogging, but on my own site… *is confused* So, anyway! Here it is, in its primitive stages. Welcome to my wordpress website! *audience applauses* Only drawback is – no smileys. (Just like Gmail! What’s up with them??) So, I’ll have to add my own somehow.

So, a few updates:

1. Church
I have officially transitioned out of Vision Church, and I just want to say how thankful I am to Vision Church (as a whole and as individual members) for being so supportive of me over the last almost 7 yrs. I love you guys, and I promise I will be around. I’ll see you guys at Pastor Joseph’s ordination and the Holiday Dinner! =) Until I transition into a new church (more on that later), I’ll be worshiping over at Morning Star Church (MSNY).
2. Speaking Engagements
I was invited to speak to the youth at Community Church Great Neck, which is the OCM branch in Long Island. I ended up speaking to the entire congregation, however! :Insert shocked smiley here: But, it went well. Ended up using Joanna’s workshop on Social Justice. And I talked about Bread & Water and OneHouse. It went well. I stayed for lunch and talked with some of the youth that I’ve met at TECBC about some of the things I’d spoken about.

3. Teaching
Somebody saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaave me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love teaching, but it’s definitely consuming. I have over 150 students in 2 subjects – Life Science and Chinese. It’s a bit schizophrenic. And it’s easy to get behind on grading and lesson planning. Funny, huh? When you’re a student, you think grading is so fun. You always want to help the teacher enter grades into their books and so forth. But, when you have to do it everyday… well, let’s just say I’ve gotten to running a sweatshop in my apt for those who want to help me. So, if you want to come and join us, just drop me an email! =P

4. My “Son”?
Sorry, this will be a long entry, and I dont have time now, but I promise to write about him next cuz I definitely need the prayers and things havent turned out as I thought they would. =/

5. OneHouse
It went awesomely, and the xanga + website will be updated soon.

Love you guys! ❤


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