Valentine’s Updates

Feb. 15, 2006


Happy Valentine’s Day!

In this Issue:
I. Updates

II. CCHC Ministry
III. Speaking Engagements
IV. OneHouse
V. Prayer Requests

Thank you all for your overwhelming response of encouragement concerning my decision to leave CCHC. It’s been really great to have you all around me supporting me in my ministry. Let me assure you that even when I leave CCHC full-time, my ministry will not be over. Far from it! I will unfold the details of my future ministry as the months progress. And concerning whether or not I’m returning to the school system this Fall – this is still up in the air. I did go back to visit my old school and inform them of my intentions to return. They were as ecstatic as I am, and my principal is doing everything he can to reinstate me for the Fall. I really really really want to go back this Fall!! But, like I said last time – whether he can take me in this Fall or next, I’m ok with it. God has totally got this!

Things are picking up as we look fwd to the summer. As you know, the summer ministries are our most potent and my favorites! Herald Gospel Camp (HGC) and my Summer Adventure Club (SAC) are just a few short months away. As we get ready for these ministries, we are extremely busy. But, we are also excited!
We also have new ministries – a Girl’s Volleyball team and another leadership ministry called Herald Urban Cadet. Our new Director, Ellen, is running these programs.
Our website is constantly being updated. If you are interested in serving in any of our ministries, or just want more info, go to our site.

This yr
I’ve been invited to be the keynote speaker at a Youth retreat on Easter wknd for the Church of the Living Lord (CLL). Their theme is “what’s the point?” I’ll be preaching for 3 sessions and I’m leaning towards speaking on the Kingdom of God.
I also have the opportunity to go back to Teen ECBC on Memorial Day wknd and give a workshop. I didnt get to last yr because I collapsed after Finals and OneHouse. I’m still undecided as to what workshop I should give. Two yrs ago I did one on major religions and cults. This yr I wanted to do something different. I’ve given in a list of options and am waiting to see what the interest level is.

We’ve begun planning for this yr’s OneHouse! Last yr, OneHouse ’05 was a dynamic nite of praise, worship, body worship, speaking and celebrating who we are as the Body of Christ in NYC. This yr it’ll be more. We are including vendors from non-profit orgs all over the city to increase awareness of social justice issues and stimulate involvement in local and glocal missions. The event will be in September this time, and I’m co-leading worship again with my buddy, Albert Cheung! More details to come! Dont miss it!!

1. My paperwork in the Dept of Ed to be resurrected so that my principal to be able to hire me this Fall.
2. Preparation for summer programs – Camp, SAC – for kids and counselors to be moved to come.
3. My speaking engagements – for my topics and for the Spirit of God to speak thru me.
4. All OneHouse preparations – esp financial needs and leadership team needs.


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