June 7, 2005

Hi everyone,

Just a brief update on what’s been happening…

After Finals and OneHouse I completely CRASHED! I had been holding off my sicknesses, (which were beginning to show in the first two wks of May), and when everything was done, there was no reason to fight it anymore…

I did not, however, to get as sick as I did! I woke up Wed, 5/25 in the wee hrs of the morning with fever and a huge lump in my throat. =/ I called out of work, and couldn’t leave my bed until 4:30pm that afternoon! I was bed-ridden. It hurt to swallow, it hurt to talk… And I had already sweated out one fever… I managed to turn on my AIM so that I could let ppl know I was ill, and my Mentee saw my message. She came over a few hrs later and stayed with me that nite — keeping tea and cold compresses coming, reading Scripture and praying over me. She’s so great! =D

Next day, I went to see the doctor, and my diagnosis was: severe throat infection + over-exhaustion… (And those who know me well are nodding and going, “Amen!” Right, LaoGe? ;> ) I think this is one of the worst sicknesses I’ve ever faced. My doctor ordered me to stay with my family so that they could take care of me and I did that. It was slow getting around, and it took a while to fully get back on my feet, but I’m about 99% better.

I’m in this weird place spiritually where my sickness has really made me stop and re-evaluate everything I’m doing and am involved with… Esp in the way of CCHC… I just feel like there’s no end in site… So I keep fantasizing that in two yrs (when I’m done with my Master’s) I’ll be leaving… either to go back into the Public Schools full- time, or to leave for Seminary full-time… But, my sinking suspicion is that no such thing will happen, and I will remain here — kicking and screaming the whole way… In my mind it’s such a nightmare… But, as I told my friend, I’ll stay for as long as God wants me here, because He’s the one that makes me sing… >sigh!<

On doctor’s orders I’ve joined a gym… I started yesterday, and must leave now for my second (out of 4) sessions with the personal trainer. He kicked my @$$ yesterday! (But, at least he was nice about it!) He has this Russian accent (or something)… and if you can imagine this, after about 15 mins of machine-work, he said to me: “You will feel pain tomoro…” And I was like, “Thanx.” After the hr was done, he went, “Tomoro it will be more intense.” And I was like, “Oh goody.” 😛

Anyway, I’m off… Thanks all for your prayers! And in spite of the fact that I haven’t sent out an official newsletter (in about 6 months!) — please do make your checks payable to OCM Vision Church.

=) Love you all!


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