The end of SAC and the beginning of “what the??!!”

Aug. 18, 2006

The end of SAC… the beginning of “what the??!!”
Welcome to all my new subscribers! Please read some of the latest posted archives to catch up on my latest!

Off to camp tomorrow, so I just have time for a brief re-cap.

SAC – Wk 6

  • Drama
  • Spiritual Warfare
  • Exhaustion
  • Even so, God is AMAZING! Hallelujah, God – for all You’ve done!!  ;;)

CLL College Gospel Camp

  • Drama
  • Spiritual Warfare
  • Exhaustion
  • Gave workshop on Sexual Purity – very good response. Pray for our TEENS! They dont know what a godly relationship looks like, so they keep getting themselves into these messed up ones. -s

Herald Gospel Camp

  • Drama
  • Spiritual Warfare
  • Exhaustion
  • I am so not ready to go off and do all the ministering – counseling, praying and leading worship – that I’m supposed to do. PRAY FOR US!

Bye-bye CCHC! / Hello I.S. 318!

  • Finish at CCHC on 8/25 (while at Herald Gospel Camp)
  • Begin at I.S. 318 on 8/28 (i.e. no break)
  • Pray for me to transition smoothly. I’m teaching Physical Science this yr (as far as I know). I have to start thinking about supplies, curriculum, materials, experiements, projects, HW, exams… -&

“What the??!!”

  • I’m in the process of becoming a legal guardian to a 17-yr old boy. O
  • More details on that later.
  • Pray for me – I’m gonna need a LOT of support and prayer.
  • Jesus, help me!

Back next Friday!


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