SAC Wks 3-5

Aug 3, 2006

SAC is almost done!! O One more wk to go!

So, since the last update:

  • Camper W came to know Jesus as Savior!
  • Counselor S and Counselor JW received the gift of tongues.
  • Counselor JY and Counselor SL received visions in their prayers for the first time.
  • God continues to show up at our morning prayers and Staff Mtg worship/prayer times.
  • My counselors continue to be awesome and cry at our one-on-ones. [Seriously, ppl. I had to do laundry today b/c all of my clothes are stained with tears and snots! -& Hahah!]

SAC Stagnation?
There have been some concerns about the future of SAC at the church I’m trying to plant it into. Overall, the church is still oblivious to the SAC ministry and continue to see it as a CCHC program and not their own. However, I think that will change after this summer. We have much more counselors who attend this church and they will now become poster children for the SAC program! p In addition, since I’m leaving CCHC on the 25th of this month, I am technically a free agent after this summer. But, I agreed to stay on as a volunteer next summer to train the new director to take my place. Today, I met with the English pastor and we felt that maybe I should stay on as the Spiritual Director of SAC and train someone *cough-Counselor S-cough!* ) to take over the Admin/Logistical aspects of SAC. I think this is a good idea. It actually frees me to focus completely on the pastoral ministry, which is where my heart is, and not have to go crazy running the actual program. I will be living close to the church by next summer and wont even have to stay the full day. > This arrangement will in turn free me to actually begin seminary next summer.

Charismatic Chaos?

As I help my Counselors begin to transition out of SAC and back into the “real world” there have been many concerns on their part about the spiritual manifestations they’ve been experiencing. Tongues and visions and prophetic impressions… “oh my!” D As they are processing what God is doing in them, they are excited and freaked out. Most especially, they are afraid to approach their pastors and church leaders. That’s where I step in. After all, my counselors are subject to the position of their Conservative Baptist church and are expected to comply with their spiritual authority. I only have 6 wks with them, but I feel responsible, since I’m the crazy charismatic that got them into all of this in the first place! I am obligated to protect them and the work that God has started in them this summer. To that end, I met with their English Pastor and offered myself as an accessible spiritual resource to the church. Specifically, I offered to give a workshop on Tongues at their Friday Nite Fellowship in the near future, as well as give my counselors books with balanced teaching on these topics. This seemed agreeable to the pastor and I am going to follow-up by sending him my workshop outline. ;;)

KEEP PRAYING FOR SAC! We have only 6 more days left to the program!!

Speaking of Speaking…
I have been getting more invitations to speak lately, and so my itinerary looks something like this:

  • CLL College Gospel Camp (8/11-14) – 2 workshops, one on Sexual Purity and one on Biblical Financial Principles
  • CCBC Friday Nite Fellowship (TBD) – Tongues
  • OCM Hosanna Fellowship (9/15) – Discipleship (must present twice)
  • CCGN Sunday Youth Service (11/26) – probably something on identity in Christ
  • CUMC Cornerstone College/Career Fellowship (TBD) – probably something on spiritual gifts

I also have OneHouse sometime in October (yea, we have to change the date again – sigh!), where I’ll be co-leading worship with Albert. Please check out the website for more info and SUBSCRIBE to it!! That way when I update it, you will get notification. [BTW – if you have any suggestions on how I can improve the site, let me know. There are things I want to do but dont know how, so anyone who’s good with site mgmt can give a gal some advice, too!]

Transitions and Change in Plans…
Moving – end of this month into Chinatown! I have the lease in my hands now. Only thing is I found that I cant take my cat with me ((
Can anyone take him??He’s adorable!! (He’s gotten really fat, though, and he looks like agrey tabby version of Garfield, so promise me you’ll put him on a kittydiet!)
Work – end at CCHC’s Herald Youth Center on 8/25 (while at Herald Gospel Camp!); begin second round as public school teacher on 8/28
ECBC – Labor Day wknd: I decided not to go, even though I’ve already paid. More on why in a future update.
Pastoral Licensing & pastoring at Trinity Gallery – I’ve decided to stop pursuing this. Maybe I’ll pick it up again later, or maybe I’ll just go through the process once I’m done with seminary. More on why in a future update.

Thanks for all your prayers for me! And thanks to those still sending personal financial support to me! You guys are AMAZING!


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