SAC Wks 1 & 2

July 16, 2006

We’re 1/3 done with SAC!! O

I cant believe that 2 wks have passed! I feel like I’m just starting to get into it. That’s partly b/c I started this month completely braindead. | You got my last few updates – God has been doing a LOT. [Since 2 updates ago, Youth M also received the gift of Tongues!] And I’m so privileged to be a part of it, but in all honesty, I’m tired. So tired. I actually slept for 12 hrs Fri – Sat. (9pm – 9am) I-) I so needed that! And then Sat, I was taken out to a wildlife reservation for a relaxing afternoon and evening by my DH. So, thanks hunny! ;;) Havent really done anything outdoorsy and relaxing in forever.

I have an amazing group of Counselors working with me – just like every yr! The Lord always knows exactly who to bring to work with me in this program. My main focus with them, (as it is every yr, but every yr it grows more), is to aid in their spiritual growth. To that end, I am esp focusing this yr on prophetic prayer. Allowing the Spirit to move and speak and minister as we pray for one another. Whether it comes in visions, prophetic words, Scripture, impressions, or tongues is up to God. But, as the church of God is meant to be prophetic, we will strive for that. As you can imagine, that makes every prayer time quite intense. And it’s very draining for me, since I’m praying with ppl multiple times a day. Again, it’s wonderful – but I’m tired. But, pray for the Spirit to keep moving and speaking among my couselors — as I’ve had my one-on-ones with some of them this past wk, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM CRIED!! (( That’s b/c the Spirit of God was speaking to them so powerfully. It was amazing. But, as I’m the total anti-crier, it was heart-breaking for me. [I really have to stop saying, “I never cry!” because I totally always do now. God has made me a crier!!! But only in prayer, hallelujah! p] I can imagine, tho, that there’ll be a lot more tears as the summer progresses, so pray for me to keep emotionally strong.

In addition, pls send up a quick prayer for the kids in the program. We have about 20, and only 3 of them are Christian. This is very unusual. In my last 2 yrs running this program, we have a good ratio of about 50/50 when it comes to Christian and non. This yr, we really have our work cut out for us! So, here we have the harvest, and my workers are ready. Pray for them to perceive when the harvest is ripe in each of these kids, that they may come to Jesus!

I also want to thank those of you who are sending me personal support until the end of Aug. I do still need it, esp since I have to send in my 1-month’s rent + security desposit in for the new apt before I start getting my teacher’s salary. The Lord gave a vision to Couselor A a few wks ago that I was sitting in a pile of money. -/ At first, I was like, “Ok, I think I know what this means. God is telling me to make sure I’m a good steward with the money I’ll be making as a teacher.” [My gosh you’re in trouble if you think a NYC public school teacher makes a good salary!! =P~] But, now as I’ve gotten the apt, I see that God was also reassuring me thru this vision that He has already provided the financial resources I need for it. (Not just rent, but furniture – lots of which is being given to me – and food, etc.)

If you do want to give me one last financial support check, make it out to me personally.
Visionites can just come kidnap me after church, or the rest of you can send it to:
CCHC Herald Youth Center


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